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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The book on which I am currently working features the famous rejoneadora, Conchita Cintron. She started out fighting bulls from horseback and then progressed to becoming a torera, a fighter on foot. Her entire career lasted 14 years, having begun when she was only 13.

Some "C" words that get confused:

chorale (a musical composition) and corral (a pen for cattle)

canvas (rough cloth often used for tents) and  canvass (to solicit votes or to study carefully)

carol (a Christmas song) and carrell (a small cubicle with a study desk and chair)

COMMAS in a series:
A comma goes before "and" in the series unless placing one there changes the meaning. See the two examples:

The letters were addressed to Terry, Mike, and Susan. (There were three letters--one for each person).

The letters were addressed to Terry, Mike and Susan. (There were two letters--one for Terry and one for Mike and Susan together).