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Audie Murphy

An American Hero: the Audie Murphy Story   By the time he was twenty-one years old, Audie Murphy had become a World War II hero, distinguishing himself by winning more medals than any other American soldier in history. Despite coming from an impoverished background in Texas and having little formal education, Murphy quickly rose through the ranks of enlisted men fighting in the European theater. He was commissioned as an officer while still on the battlefield and later received the Congressional Medal of Honor, the nation's highest award for a soldier in battle. After he returned to the United States, he suffered from post-traumatic-stress-syndrome but managed to carve out a career as a movie star in forty-four films. Ironically, he escaped the bullets intended for him during the war but then died in a plane crash in his own country. Murphy is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. This book is featured on the Audie Murphy Research Foundation national website (


     "As the Executive Director of the Audie Murphy Research Foundation, I can attest to the accuracy of Ms. Caravantes' biography of Audie Murphy. Much of the published information about Audie Murphy, even that contained in other biographies, is not correct. Ms. Caravantes carefully checked her information with the Foundation and the Murphy family. We are very pleased to have such a well written and accurate book about Audie Murphy available to young people. Thank you Peggy for a job well done."

                      ---Larry Willis, Executive Director